Computer Rules.docx
“Computer Rules”
All computer users (staff, students, and others) are expected to be responsible for their own behavior on the computer system, including the Internet, just as they are anywhere else in the school. Users are reminded that their actions can represent the entire school community. This includes materials they choose to access, language they use, ideas they express, and other actions which they take.
1.Stay off Facebook!
2. Stay on the website you are instructed to be on
3. Ask before surfing on the internet (After you finish your work!)
4. Get approval of any downloading of programs (java, adobe, etc…)
5. No downloading Music
6. Keep your eyes on your own screen
7. Use indoor voices while working in the lab/classroom
8. No food or drinks near the computers
9. No music or iPods listing during computer time
10. Please use your computer time wisely!!!!