What have you learned from class?
I have learned a lot of technology based projects and lessons that I can use in my future of teaching. Although, I will be teaching math, my students can use excel in projects with charts, bar, etc. This class also showed me that I can be creative with lesson plan by using voice programs like voice thread and audacity along with Jing (or another screenshots programs) to come up with a lesson for teaching an online class or for those students who have access to the internet to view the lesson if they were out for that day. I also learned different tips in power point and how to add sound and animation. In all, this class has gotten me a little bit more confortable using technology in a lesson.

What were your "aha" moments?

I think that my “aha” moment was when it came to adding sound and animation to a slide show. I never knew that you could add an animation for a “matching” quiz or question and answer section.