Which education quote resonates most with you?
Chose an education quote and explain why did you chose it, then comment on it (5-8 lines), and also comment on at least 2 of your classmates.
Old punctuation means "stop"; the new punctuation (hyperlink) means keep going. The main thing the web is teaching our kids is the world is more interesting than we were ever told. When you learn something, don't keep it inside. Do something with it. Publish it! Blog it! Tweet it! Discussion Forum it! Homework is an equity issue. If you don't have technology available you are at a disadvantage. You must connect yourself to connect your students. In the classroom, computers are oversold and underused. We need to prepare students for their future, not our past. Treat the world as a place of creation not consumption. In the age of information, knowledge stops with paper. Paper is dead. You can't have a conversation with ideas on paper nor can you connect or communicate easily with others who care about those ideas

For the education quote I chose: “We need to prepare students for their future, not our past ”. I chose this because I believe that teachers are still focusing on making up for our past mistakes with trying to improve test scores with past test score, when we need to worry more about what teachers are teaching the students to better their future in college and/or their jobs. Teacher also need to better prepare their student with the ins and out of the new world of technology and how to improve their study habits with in these helpful programs.

I learned a lot from this quote and I will use this to futher my teachings by not looking in the past by moving to the future with the students and how to better their future by creating a "new" past from me to them.